About Us/ Discover Cal jeroni & Ca La Siona

About us

Josep i TeresaWe are Teresa and Josep. We are farmers. All our life we have enjoyed working the land. In 1992, our innovative spirit led us to explore new avenues and, mirroring the experiences already developed in the Basque Country and the Catalan Pyrenees, we launched the first rural hotel accommodation of the Penedès: Cal Jeroni. From this first experience, we developed a project designed to bring our visitors close to what always has been normal for us: landscape, nature and contact with the land. Some unforgettable experiences have emerged from this willingness to share. In 2005, we restored a town house built before 1800 ̶ Ca la Siona ̶ thus extending the range of accommodation and services. This also allowed us to find new ways of experiencing and seeing the Penedès. This is an interest that we share with our children, Anna and Jeroni, who are also involved in this project, helping us every day to make the people who visit us feel more at home. We invite you to discover the Penedès from our home. Come and enjoy it!